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My Wunderkammer is the most precious gift I can offer you.

Strategic planning presentation.

For those interested in the presentation I gave during the Calgary IBD meeting, here is the file. I’d be happy to help if you have any questions.

From Strategic Planning to Strategic Management

Restaurants in Calgary for the cool kids.

The map of the possible restaurants to check out in Calgary:

A. Hotel

B. Rouge, 1240 8th Avenue SE

C. Farm, 1006 17 Avenue SE

D. Blink, 111 8th Avenue SW

IBD pub crawl 2013.

The map of the pub crawl for the 2013 IBD meeting is here:



A. Host hotel, 209 4th Avenue SE

B. Black Betty Burger and Wine Bar, 606 1st Street SW

C. James Joyce Irish Pub, 114 8 Avenue SW

D. Bottlescrew Bill’s, 140 10 Avenue SW

E. Roadhouse, 613 11 Avenue SW

F. Commonwealth, 731 10 Avenue SW



Interesting. This app seems to work okay so far. Posted from my G1.

Blogger -> WP = BOO.

I just tried importing my Blogger posts here. Uhhhhhh, no thanks, WordPress. You’ve got more options, but I prefer the way that the past Dilettante’s Diary posts look on Blogger. This one will have to start fresh.